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Handle Data Inaccessibility…Repair Corrupt BKF Files

Damage, error and corruption can make any data file inaccessible. In case of data loss, data corruption or even data inaccessibility, it becomes highly essential to get the backup of the data. Therefore, in order to effectively deal with data inaccessibility scenarios, you must be prepared with a proper and valid data backup.


Since you can never predict when the data files may get corrupt, therefore you must take backups of important data at regular intervals. You can use ntbackup.exe utility to create backup files of important data. You can create backup files of all the emails, documents, audio files, video files, images and other important data.

Now guess what will happen if the backup file you have created for recovery of data itself becomes damaged or corrupt making all your important data inaccessible.

With the help of a professional and reliable BKF Recovery tool, You can easily repair the damaged and corrupt BKF files getting back the access to all the important data.

The open BKF files tool is especially helpful for organizations that rely on backup files for recovery of their lost data. In situations where even the backup file is damaged or corrupt, it can be repaired with the help of an open BKF file tool.

How does open bkf file tool works?

Owing to its advanced and efficient algorithms, the Open BKF Software scans through the damaged and Corrupt BKF files and repairs them. It recursively scans the corrupt backup files to recover the maximum possible data. In addition to this, The software also preserves the original files names and folder structure of the backup file. The quick, easy-to-use and result-oriented open BKF software ensures speedy Repair BKF

Free Trial Version:

The trial version of the Open BKF tool can be downloaded for free. You can install it in your system and work on it to understand the features and functionalities of the tool. The trial version works similar to the complete version and helps you recover the data from Corrupt BKF Files. However, it will not let you save the recovered data. To save the data, you need to purchase the full version of the open BKF Files.


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Software Feature’s
  • Capable of recovering files with Unicode characters
  • Capable of repairing CRC errors
  • Recovers BKF files created using Backup exec by VERITAS software
  • Capable of searching file options to filter searching specific file types from the recovered results like, .doc, .xls etc.
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Factors Responsible for BKF Corruption

There are a number of factors that may lead to corruption of backup files. Some of the main factors responsible for corruption of backup files are as listed below:

  • Virus Attacks
  • Accidental deletion of backup files
  • Backup process interruptions
  • CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors
  • Failure to open files
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